Function Halls, Dining, Recreation & Artworks 

Ang Pugad

“Ang Pugad” (or The Nest) is a building that houses a conference hall, common rest rooms, a canteen, and an industrial kitchen. Group activities such as retreat, plannings, trainings, and workshops are welcome.

Kasa Ginhawa

This spacious and beautifully designed facility is the center for creativity and expressive arts. Engage in meaningful conversations with family and friends while being surrounded by pieces of artworks in every corner.

The Chapel of Sta. Monica

Sitting on top of a hill surrounded by greenery is this special sacred space dedicated to St. Monica, the patron saint of conversion. Savor the calming view and the soft breeze while you pray.

Swimming Pool

Have a refreshing dip in the pool and enjoy an afternoon at the pool cabin. The pool is twenty meters long and six feet deep, perfect for doing some laps. The pool cabin has toilet, shower, and changing rooms.