Silent Retreat

“A quality quiet time with God works wonders for your soul. Experience that long overdue solitude and rejuvenate your spirit as you surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Book your guided silent retreats at the farm for 3, 5, or 8 days. Spend your quiet moments in silence and prayer with the guidance of our spiritual directors.”

Spiritual Formation

“The Spiritual Formation and Zest Programs are provided by the On The Third Day (OTTD) Institute for Renewal and Formation.”

For inquiries about the programs and how to join the activities, please send an email to or contact: 

info@companionsottd.com or 0906 461 4619

Expressive Arts

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

The 7th principle of Creation Spirituality by Matthew Fox: Every one of us is an artist. Whatever the expression of our creativity, it is our prayer and praise (Via Creativa).

Let your creativity overflow. Immerse in your prayer and create something out of it. Ready your pen and paint brush, your clay and canvas, your drum and dancing shoes. Indulge in your art form and express yourself.

Our guests enjoy spending their time writing books, composing poems and songs, painting and sketching, and so much more.

Join us in our community drumming sessions. Play the djembe drums and dance to the healing sound of synchronised beats.